No matter what stat of the day you use or like—the fact of the matter is that buyers are changing the way you engage, when you engage, and how often you engage—most times prior to ever getting a chance for a face-to-face meeting.

How do we start addressing this change?

To start, hopefully your Demand Generation efforts look like this…

First and foremost, you have to be creating demand! It really starts there and most likely need to be creating demand at a fairly strong clip. This is whole strategy on to itself. And we are not suggesting that its easy by any means.

That said, we personally have been there and done that, at a previous company selling buggy whips (not literally). Just take a look at this representational graph. So, if we can do it—we can certainly help you increase yours.

As they say…”The pipe is life!”  And you need a way to ensure you are constantly filling the funnel.

Demand Generation - OneDayOne Marketing

But what if your Sales look something like this?

So let’s say you creating demand, but just not seeing the results. Maybe you have a similar problem to one of our previous clients. Sales reps are focusing most, if not all, of their efforts closing business. Who can blame them? We can’t. The million dollar question becomes, who is bridging the gap between those early stage opportunities, all that demand you are creating, that may not be ready to engage with a rep, but have a need or an interest? Who is further developing and nurturing those opportunities? Again, depending on which stat you want to use, regardless of where the buyer is in the sales process, you can be assured that many touches are now required in most B2B sales efforts. And the question becomes, do you really have the time and/or the desire for your high priced sales reps performing those touches?

B2B Customers by a 3:1 margin prefer self-educating.  59% prefer not to talk to a sales rep at all and by 2020 there will be 1M redundant sales reps.*

Wow – those are staggering figures! – Let’s discuss whether you believe them or not!

*Source = take your pick of any of the 59 posts that have similar stats…


Does your business look like? Or worse, are your business development efforts flat too? In this example, when we overlay a relatively flat sales history with a rapidly growing amount of demand year over year, something is definitely missing.


Do you have a gap in your funnel?

Do you have a gap in your funnel? Your sales management efforts are primarily focused on closing and winning the business. Your Marketing and Business Development departments are creating demand and working the demand through the qualification process. And yet, your opportunities are leaking out of your “sales funnel”. Are you have a hard time measuring velocity, conversion, or progression.


Sales Development

There is so much that is written about Sales vs. Marketing—and having worked for a sales organization for many years—let us tell you the struggle is real. Attending the Outbound Sales Conference in 2018, a all encompassing theme of the meeting was that Sales can do it all, specifically the good ‘hunter’ sales reps are capable of doing it all.

If Sales can do it all, how do you create more hunter sale reps vs. zookeepers (or whatever other colorful term you like)? Is that possible? What if that isn’t the answer in the real world? Sales can’t do it all, some may be able to, but the chances of having all ‘hunter’ or ‘A’ sales reps on your team is slim to none. If most sales reps are really good at closing, adding a Sales Development function to work hand-in-hand with your Marketing team to create and nurture those opportunities may be the answer.

Sales Development Program
Mini Case Study

Why did we start?

We had put in extraordinary efforts to increase a client’s leads and opportunities – increasing leads by over 85% in 2 years.  We had revamped their Demand Generation function, put a heavy emphasis on developing more Inbound leads and radically changed the way they worked in Marketing.  Implementing Agile Marketing principles to more effectively execute.  HOWEVER, the added leads did not translate into increased sales! – Was it a quality issue? – Nope!  So what did we do about it?

What was our hypothesis?

We realized that there was a gap in the funnel.  Leads that had been qualified, but weren’t yet ready to purchase.  On average, it takes 13+ interactions with a customer before they’re ready to engage with sales.  The company didn’t want to have their high-paid sales reps nurturing and developing leads and opportunities vs closing business and working with existing customers.   Our solution was to create a Sales Development function!


Through creating a Sales Development function, we were able to increase their proposal rate by over 65% and we increased their revenue by 20% in just over a year.  We believe the benefits will continue to improve as the function gets more refined, etc…Starting a new program from scratch brings plenty of challenges and obstacles, but overall the client is very pleased with their results!

Let me read the whole case study!

Are you ready to start delivering more sales by taking advantage of your entire sales funnel?  Whether you believe in the ‘traditional’ funnel (or the bowtie funnel) (or the circular funnel) – let us show you how to get more dollars from your Marketing investments!


Here’s the HOW:

Breaking Down Sales Development

Hiring a good sales rep sometimes seems more of an art than a science. Identifying talented sales reps is rare, and hiring on opinions only will be costly as you experience turnover. Finding them though is only half your problem. Are you prepared to keep them engaged help them grow personally and professionally. Sales reps usually share the trait of low patience, which means they want to know what’s next. Having a career ladder that builds key skills and behaviors and has a defined personal growth path can be a useful recruitment and retention tool for your organization.

Once you’ve identified your perfect fit, it’s important that you give them the proper tools and training to be successful. Most organizations spend little time on this portion of their business, but it is probably the most important. After getting a new hire excited for their role, retention falls by 50% if the employee feels they’re not adequately equipped to perform at their highest level. A poorly defined training and on-boarding program will also increase the amount of time it takes for an employee to become efficient and effective.

Your manager plays a key role in the success of the team, so finding the right manager is important. Sales teams can become routine if they don’t have the correct stimuli being provided from Management. Planning what key tactics your management brings into your teams and throughout the organization will help decrease the amount of time needed for your organization to fully understand and support your sales development efforts.

Visuals, meetings and predefined leading indicators just scratch the surface. Without clear expectations defined and set throughout the organization it will be difficult to fully get cross-functional buy-in and support.

Visuals, meetings and predefined leading indicators just scratch the surface. Without clear expectations defined and set throughout the organization it will be difficult to fully get cross-functional buy-in and support.

It’s time to fix your leaky funnel

Stop the leaky funnel Sales Dev

HOW? – How do we get the results we do?

It’s a very particular way of working.  We have honed our craft over many years and come up with a solid methodology or working that produces results.  We have built, learned, developed processes, measured and sophisticated sales development teams, but without the insights, content and tools to deliver and measure the results – it’s impossible to have success.  Let us show you how to most effectively support your sales development efforts!

Marketing Circle - Understand

Follow this link or check out our book (below) to learn more about how we can help you support your sales development efforts.  You have to have the proper tools and processes in place to support your sales development teams.  Let us show you how we recommend doing that!


Don’t waste your time with theory. The Unbound book gets into tangible example to help you relate and bring context to how you too can become more effective with your marketing

Let’s discuss more about the pros and cons of a Sales Development Program and how it could energize your business!

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

Nah…except in the case of massive transformation and change in business – if you do what you’ve always done, you probably don’t survive very long.  That’s the issue – this notion of ‘we’ve always done it this way’ AND been successful.  Let’s just try harder! – Doesn’t work at all…