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Marketing Technology & Marketing Operations

Blending of marketing and technology. Digital marketing deals with Martech, as digital by its very nature is technologically-based. The term “Martech” especially applies to major initiatives, efforts and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Is this the key to effective, scalable and repeatable Revenue Generation?

Image Source:  Scott Brinker

From Cost Center to Revenue Generator

Strategic Marketing Operations

It is said that … When companies have a dedicated, fully developed Marketing Operations structure, Marketing makes a full transition from being a cost center to a revenue generator

The mission for a strategic marketing operations group is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing through people, process, technology and data so that marketing can achieve strategic goals including:

  • enabling digital transformation,
  • adopting business accountability by driving revenue and growth, and
  • leading customer centricity.

This type of marketing operations organization is proactive in terms of strategy creation and delivery.

Martech / Marketing Ops Services

We have seen first hand the impact of solid Marketing Operations.  Knowing your conversion rates, your win rates, where leads are getting stuck, the lead sources that are producing the most impact, etc…  As stated above, having this knowledge is what allows effective Marketing teams to truly drive Growth!

Lead Generation Process / Services

Too many small-to-mid size companies don't have a solid, repeatable and predictable lead generation process. Without one, you are most definitely leaving money on the table.

Email Marketing Automation

The ability to further develop and nurture opportunties - engaging customers at the right time, with the right content. Bringing visibility to the entire life of a lead - all in one screen - allows for truly effective Marketing.

CRM Optimization / Implementation

So many companies have a CRM, but aren't getting the value or return on the investment for the tool. Let us help turn the system that is a 'burden' to sales and marketing resources, into a critical business tool.

Data, Analytics, Reporting, Tracking

Having data makes it so much easier to run a business. It becomes less about 'feel' and more about what the data is telling you. Getting good with data opens so many doors!

Conversion Rate Optimization

A few small percentage points makes a dramatic difference in terms of sales. Contact us and let us send you a simple spreadsheet that helps illustrate the impact increasing traffic and conversion rate has on sales overall.

Funnel Frameworks

Whether you are using the bowtie funnel or growth loops or the traditional sales funnel - let us help you define and drive performance. A leaky funnel can cost you incredible amounts of money

The rise of the Marketing Technologist

Image source:  Scott Brinker

The chart above from Scott Brinker (blog in link) is a clear indication of some of the changes happening in Marketing and IT.  This necessitates a new or different skill set than before for both IT and Marketing and/or gives rise to a new role or skill set – the marketing technologist.  If you believe the statement above about the importance of Marketing Operations and how integral the Technology piece has become in transforming Marketing from a cost center to a revenue generator, then you need to have resources or a means to bring this new critical skillset into your business.


We can be your Marketing Technologists!

The life of a marketing technologist is all about driving change and innovation to improve the customer experience, drive revenue and increase CLTV.

As marketing technology extends beyond the boundaries of marketing in support of digital transformation initiatives, colleagues across the organization are asked to adapt to new technology and new processes. Most of us are naturally resistant to change, and when complex technology is involved, we can be very good at erecting brick walls.

Marketing technologists need the following skills: excellent communication and negotiation skills; the ability to translate technical jargon into easy to understand statements of what is, what needs to be done, how it will get done, and the reason for doing it; patience and persistence (once the brick walls go up, it takes time to break them down); and without a doubt, a sense of humor.

Driving change across an organization is not for the faint of heart, but it is a fundamental part of the job description for any marketing technologist.