Fractional or Part-time CMO / Marketing
Leadership Services

The game is changing fast. There are so many critical facets of Marketing today – data, technology, personalization, automation, funnel, conversion, branding, segmentation, insights, experience (the list goes on and on…) that it’s challenging to have a team or single resource that can keep up and have a major impact.

Let our unique approach and model help your team drive GROWTH.

Why might you need a fractional CMO (or Marketing/Digital Leader) and what is one?

Is your company growing, but not quite ready for a full-time CMO or head of Marketing?

Are you stagnant and need some outside help to bring a fresh, different perspective?

Are you looking to transform your business and want a leader with experience driving change?

Do you need to bring groups together that have historically worked in silos, such as looking to combine Marketing & Innovation or Technology?

The vision or major strategies to drive growth have been decided, everyone is bought in but nothing is getting done?

A fractional CMO or VP of Marketing can come in and engage for a longer period of time than typically associated with a ‘project’.  They will be a part of your team and truly embrace the role of helping your company grow, while mentoring, coaching and helping your employees grow their careers as well.

Benefits of the fractional approach

Commitment & Partnership

We are in it for the long haul, and work beyond making recommendations to ensure changes are implemented and KPIs are monitored.

We get our hands dirty and work at both the strategic and tactical levels.

IMPACT to cash flow

Align your cost and impact to cash flow with results. When you work with us we are part of the team. This allows the company to absorb the cost of a resource on an on-going basis, alongside new revenues that we bring in.

accountable & measurable

We work beyond the initial roadmap and help you iterate through the implementation and execution of the agreed upon strategies. And we are not opposed to exploring compensation models that tie fees to performance metrics.

while you search

Finding the ‘right’ candidate in today’s world is a challenge. Don’t wait for a lengthy candidate search, start making an impact by working with OneDayOne immediately. Then, if the right candidate does come along, they will fill a warm seat.

cost effective

Instead of missing out on an opportunity to drive impactful growth initiatives for your business, get the skills for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire, with full-time hire impact.

immediate impact

New employees take time to ramp and bring their own singular biases and experiences to the job. People tend to gravitate to what they are comfortable with and what they know vs what might be right for your business. We are able to leverage our combined experiences and knowledge to drive results.

A Key Differentiator

Not only is Marketing Strategy & Execution paramount to your success, but so is alignment!  We have years of experience aligning critical functions like IT & Marketing along with Innovation & Marketing.  Now more than ever, you need to have your IT, Marketing and Innovation teams working together.

Our Approach is Different

We merged IT & Marketing over 8 years ago and have consistently applied technology to drive customer experience and measurable results in Marketing.

In a game where the rules are changing constantly, you need resources that are not only comfortable with change, but can actually effectively drive change within the organization.

We have been working with Agile for over 10 years – first in IT with Software Development and then 5 years ago we started in Marketing.  Agile is first a mindset and then a set of tools.  That growth mindset is key!

Each one of us bring a unique approach and background to the table that allows us compliment and play off of our strengths to make the output even more valuable. So it could be one of us, it could be three of us or any combination there of. It’s about leveraging the right resource or combination of resources to drive growth.

Product, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Distribution lines are blurring rapidly. Our experience comes from actually living this world. And not just from the strategy and implementation, but also understanding first hand how change can impact an organization. Navigating this space isn’t easy, but transforming and driving growth isn’t easy either. Let’s work together to figure this out.

How to Engage


Maybe you just need things to continue to run smoothly while in transition of filling your next CMO role. We can help keep your marketing department moving forward, maintain continuity with day-to-day operations, or help kick-start a new strategy in the meantime.


An extended engagement where you need significant Marketing resources for an extended period of time. We will leverage the right combination of resources to accomplish your goals. - Essentially having the right resource interacting with you and your team on a regular and full-time basis.


Maybe your team is just lacking experience. As an advisor we can help your team think more strategically, evolve how they work, develop leadership abilities, or just accelerate your marketing team & team members’ professional growth.


Maybe your marketing team is struggling and just under-performing. By bringing us in, we can help lead with a fresh perspective and turnaround your marketing efforts to start making an impact or more of an impact on your organization.

The likelihood of us covering everything in our writing and answering all of your questions is highly unlikely. Give us a call—it would be much easier to discuss. We are flexible with our engagements, and if nothing else, we get to meet you and have an interesting conversation.