Digital Transformation

The process by which organizations are evolving to a digital business model in regards to how they are revising technology strategies, changing organizational structures and processes, and innovating to provide a unique customer experience.

Digital Transformation CX & Insight

Growth Marketing

 In our world, Growth Marketing is the ability to use Agile, Lean Startup, and Human Centered Design methodologies combined with data to scale revenue.

Let's discuss and explore the similarities and differences between Digital Transformation and Growth Marketing

Most companies today are struggling to find talent that truly understands Digital and can take that understanding and work with an entrepreneurial mindset, bringing Agile and Design Thinking methodologies to create truly measurable impact on the business.



Truly leveraging and supporting an Agile, iterative way of working is crucial.  A culture of experimentation, validated learning and accepting failure should be developed.

Build. Measure. Learn.

Over time, organizations establish goal-achieving cultures and ways of operating, which often are not conducive to change. Habits, sunk costs, the strength of tradition and politics all maintain the status quo.

The Champions of Digital Transformation

Creating a personalized experience rests on customer data, generating the right insights from it and acting on these insights.  Insights and the ability to identify and leverage them are KEY!

Customer-Centricity ALWAYS

Creating an enduring narrative that moves people, is perhaps the single most important element to a successful digital transformation.

Everyone on the same page

Lean Startup principles are key (in our opinion) - get to MVP as quick as we can and start gathering validated learning.  Gone are the days of waterfall or big bang implementations.

Experiment. Iterate. Measure.

We get up to speed before offering solutions, and we don't believe in the traditional 'playbook'.

EVERYTHING WE DO STARTS WITH ‘UNDERSTANDING’ – usually that means Design Thinking or Design Sprints…

Customer at the core of every business

We must transform from meeting customer needs to shaping and proactively delivering solutions to problems customers may not even know they have…

Digitally-driven ways to engage, collaborate and partner with your customers to provide seamless, value-add interactions


We must transform from meeting customer needs to shaping and proactively delivering solutions to problems customers may not even know they have…

Data-Driven (Analytics) and Insights driven from new ways of approaching and working with customers (HCD methods)


Personalized and connected experiences require deep customer empathy. Developing the skills, knowledge, tools and methods to understand is imperative!


We strongly believe that the mindset/philosophy and approach are the most critical aspect to successful transformation. Let’s discuss how we came to that belief and help you understand how that statement might impact your success.

Read our Digital Transformation Story

Using the backdrop of a multi-year transformational journey, we have created a valuable e-book with tips and guidance from our own experiences.  This journey focuses on creating digital-first strategies primarily focused around creating demand initially, but quickly morphs into much more…

Digital Transformation - How it really happens

ERP Implementations are often mentioned in the same conversations as part of a Digital Transformation...

Should we do an ERP or take on Digital Transformation?  Can an ERP enable Digital Transformation?  Will I get a return from an ERP or from Digital Transformation for that matter?  Does one require more organizational change than the other?

We have experience in both…Let’s explore these questions (and more) together!

At ODO, we believe its better to let others speak on our behalf...

Bruce Rogow

Principal at IT Odyssey & Advisory

Garter Executive Research Affiliate

I had the immense pleasure of watching what can be accomplished when a talented, patient, persistent and dedicated executive leads an organization through a most challenging, broad organizational change effort.

Eric Schmidt facilitated such a transformation. His company needed a new ERP but had no experience with such a major undertaking. Eric and his team built the case, obtained the support of the senior management, made an excellent, practical technology selection and then persistently led the organization through the challenge and pain of the ERP implementation. Almost every challenge that could have emerged did blossom.

Teaching an organization to examine and change what it is doing, finding a realistic implementation approach, not losing sight of the goal, keeping a frustrated team together while moving forward, overcoming management turnover and resistance, dealing with multiple setbacks, forcing the implementation and then carrying on to work with a new management team to ensure that the ERP is making a material contribution to the way the firm performs. Eric felt responsible not just for delivery of an ERP, but also its business success over an extended burn in, adaptation and organizational change period.

Credit has to be given to the whole management team and staff for sticking with the effort. Oh, did I mention that all of this was done during a tough time for the business and while Eric was creating a highly creative digital marketing capability?