Design Thinking for Marketing

design thinking & design sprints

Think about a challenge you are facing in your business. What if you could solve it inexpensively in as short as a week?


You Can with
Design Sprints

Design Sprints put your customer at the center regardless of the challenge at hand. Whether you have marketing, innovation, digital transformation or some other business-related challenge, UNDERSTANDING your customer is the critical component.

Bringing your Customers, Employees and Partners to FIX, IMPROVE, or even completely TRANSFORM a situation could make difference in your business.

And to address your challenge very inexpensively in as short as a week?


DESIGN sprints are designed to work with people:

It has become increasingly difficult for companies to engage in the typical 18-24 month R&D project. Technology is changing rapidly and so are customer’s needs — this makes it impossible to ‘wait’ to launch something to the market. 

Even the Lean Startup Movement (which we love as well) moves fast and minimizes waste, however it lacks the empathy and co-designing practices that are needed to understand what the customer actually needs. Lean Startup tests ON people through scientific experiments and hypotheses. Think A/B testing. There’s a time and place for Lean Startup. 

When you leverage Design Thinking, you test with users. The users are co-developers. They become empowered to ideate fixes and improvements and even help create new solutions. 

Example Custom Design Sprint Sessions

Take a look at some of these sample custom Design Sprint Sessions that we have held with our clients. 

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Understanding - Customer Empathy

Design Thinking process is to gain an empathic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.

How does this NOT sound like a great way (or maybe the only way) to start out with for creating amazing and effective Marketing?

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Human Centered Design and Marketing



Marketing got outside the four-walls of the business and met with several Architects and Interior Designers to discuss trends, issues, challenges, pain points, etc.

Leveraged this initial feedback, tweaked design and created actual illustrations. Then met with others to get more feedback.

Marketing created a hypothesis based on the pain points surfaced and produced literal pencil sketch drawings on paper. The equivalent of the “napkin sketch”.

Based on that, further refined the illustrations & produced photo renderings. And created a MVP collateral piece over the weekend…And yet again, sought out more feedback.

Marketing then met with customers, architects, & interior designers on the pencil sketches for feedback. Yes, you read that right, bare MVP paper prototype. And yes, it’s scary.
By that time enough insight had been gathered to develop actual physical prototypes. Put a landing page on the web to get more feedback & to learn on positioning and messaging, digital tactics, etc.
Took the prototype to a national tradeshow and won an award for it’s product category!
Design Thinking Marketing E-Book


We walked you through some of the main milestones. COMING SOON

Old school marketing that taught us to launch products into the market & use brute force to make them appealing to customers is outdated and inefficient.

The “make and sell” strategies of yesterday are crippled and unable to perform effectively in this new data-driven service economy.