By Katie Lowell

Traditional Marketing vs Agile Marketing :
Round 1 – Transparency

If you are executing with a ‘Traditional Marketing’ approach you are fighting a losing battle (in our opinion). But let’s play this out…

How many times have you, your team, your Marketing department, or even your agency gone behind the curtain and then 6-8 weeks later pop out for the big reveal of the massive campaign they had been working on? Only to find out it was a miss. The stakeholders were surprised and not the good kind. The scope crept. The messaging didn’t resonate. Expectations shifted. The goal was ambiguous. And the massive campaign turns into (best case) a partially salvageable miss, or, in many cases, a complete miss.


If you or your team were to take an Agile approach it would look something like this:

  • With your stakeholders, you would work through what success looks like
  • You would keep your stakeholders involved throughout to get input, manage expectations, be able to react to changes
  • You would work within a 2-week sprint, nevermind 4+ weeks of work
  • You would launch with an MVP to deploy and start measuring to learn what works
  • There would be no big reveal or campaign & definitely no surprises—total transparency

Speaking of Transparency

To read more about transparency and our experience in dealing with a ‘professional temper tantrum’

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