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Who we are and what we stand for…


We are strategic partners to companies that want to transform, innovate and grow through digital.

Since starting our firm, we are consistently amazed at how many CEOs and leaders have a very negative perception of Marketing firms.  And quite frankly, in many cases, we agree.  The common theme is that agencies don’t listen, don’t understand, don’t deliver results and costs a lot of money.

We would prefer to not label ourselves as a Marketing firm – although we believe effective Marketing should be a catalyst to impactful growth.  We are a firm that leverages the intersection of Marketing & Technology to build a solid, robust engine that produces scalable, repeatable and predictable processes to enable growth.  We approach the discipline with a  different perspective – using Design Thinking and Design Sprints to more effectively understand our customers.  We execute with the Agile framework and we love data!


Our name?  OneDayOne – comes from the notion of One Day | Day One. We had always talked about One Day starting a business together and really getting after it.  And for many years, too many years it was always just One Day. Well, we finally flipped it to Day One.  And just as Jeff Bezos stated, for us it will always be Day 1 from this point forward.

Bezos stated unequivocally at the outset of his 2016 shareholder letter, “Day 2 is stasis.” Stasis, he continued, is “Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.”

We have lived Day 2, and it’s not a fun environment. 

Growth Marketing

Growth has nothing to do with tactics; it has everything to do with process.

So says Brian Balfour, former VP of Growth at Hubspot.

Growth Marketing has so many definitions – one that we happen to like is the following: Growth marketing is the practice of using data and agility to scale revenue.

At the end of the day, it is about focusing on the entire funnel – whether you are using the bowtie funnel (which I happen to like) or Growth Loops or the Flywheel the above statement is absolutely true – it all starts with process!

We believe having a solid, repeatable process allows you to truly drive performance and return.  What’s the value of a lead?  What if you could improve your conversion slightly?  How much revenue would that equate to?  How is this piece of collateral or campaign performing?  These are just some of the questions we would love to help you be able to answer.

We pulled this portion from a Brian Solis blog post that can be found here.  It is very representative of our past lives and experiences.  We’d love to discuss the following paragraph with you during an engagement, phone call or over a beer.

Change is difficult, scary and threatening. For the most part, corporate cultures are risk-averse, political, and rife with human dynamics, models and policies that hinder or dissuade innovation and transformation.  But like all forms of evolution, digital Darwinism will only continue. Intrapreneurs and change agents might come across as disruptive in the organization and it’s natural to manage them against existing protocols. But the disruption they introduce isn’t disobedience, it’s a rebellion against convention for the sake of convention. If nothing else, that seemingly-disruptive behavior is a signal that these are the people you need to deploy in your transformation programs.


Katie Lowell


Eric Schmidt


We try to take the historically faith-based discipline of Marketing and bring a more scientific, data-driven approach* – without losing the creativity and flair typically needed or associated with the function.  We firmly believe in the data and showing the ability to track and measure the impact of our efforts.

*Inspired by Eric Ries

We love to read, love to learn and wake up excited everyday about having the opportunity to really dig into new businesses and help solve challenges.  Our business isn’t about tactically checking boxes as we complete deliverables.  We have had success working side by side with our customers and really digging in with a Build, Measure, Learn philosophy to drive measurable results and impact.  One of the most rewarding aspects of our business so far has been helping companies truly leverage and embrace the Agile framework to get “unstuck” or get over the feeling of having to ‘figure it all out’ before placing a big, expensive bet on a strategy.  

We'll let others tell you what it's like to work with us!

Actual company values are the behaviors and skills that are actually valued in employees

“Working in a very traditional sales environment, I felt like Katie and Eric were always thinking a few steps ahead of everyone, always learning, and always looking for ways to adapt better processes and avoid stagnation within our organization. Their leadership style is to encourage people to think bigger, own their crazy ideas, experiment to see what works, track the outcomes, and then learn from the results.”

McKenna Ruzga

"I had the opportunity to work with Katie and Eric for several years, and they never ceased to amaze me with their proactive and innovative leadership style. They were always looking to the future by utilizing and learning about new marketing tools; ensuring their team was always one step ahead of the competition in terms of marketing. More importantly, they based all of their strategies on analytics and research to ensure smart, data-backed growth."

Claire Anhalt

"When working with Katie and Eric you will be encouraged to continuously keep on top of trends, solve problems through iteration, and bring forth ideas as if there are no boundaries. The environment they cultivate allows everyone to feel comfortable to fail forward while ultimately learning from their experiments and solving for the customer's needs. Would highly recommend!"

Kate Winkler

Our Labor of Love

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Fitnasty. A community of badasses leveraging fitness and exercise to help deal, cope, manage, and overcome our battles. We exude a quiet confidence that comes from truly finding what motivates and drives you to be a beast. We are kind, for everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. And nevermind the self promotion and fluffy bullshit. We would love for this to be a community, a philosophy and/or a daily reminder for you or the kick in the ass to push through and show tremendous grit, perseverance, resiliency and drive that is deep within you. When you find your why, it’s powerful. Please look to Fitnasty as motivation or inspiration, a place to share your story, post cool stuff with others and embrace the Fitnasty way. Fitnasty will donate quarterly to various charities that are important to our members.