Digital Transformation – How Change Happens…

How change happens

At OneDayOne, we love the portion of Good to Great below. So many people want to talk about ‘transformations’ and set up massive ‘projects’ to transform their businesses. We have heard plenty of stories of projects being written off and huge disappointments from engagements that never delivered the results you desired. In our experience the results come from a continuous commitment to improving your business. It’s your mindset, approach—working in an agile, iterative, and build-measure-learn way—and people that really make it happen.

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The Marketing Proof Gap : How are you proving the value of Marketing?

Marketing Proof Gap

And now in our short time in starting up at OneDayOne, we have had numerous conversations with presidents and leaders of organizations that know they need to ‘do’ marketing and need to invest in it, but for them it’s painful and a necessary evil. In one conversation we had, Marketing was equated to writing that ‘thank you’ note for the $10 bill that grandma sent you when you were a kid. You have to write the thank you because you love grams, but taking the time to do so is a kind of a pain.

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